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    Motor Vehicle Accident

    We are acutely aware of how to best maximize your hospital’s MVA revenue. All you need to do is outsource MVA to GO-SB.


    Workers' Compensation

    Workers Compensation billing and collections are one of the most difficult area for hospitals to impact. Let Go-SB help!


    PIP Billing

    PIP billing is complicated and varies from state to state. Let the experts at Go-SB take over and help you maximize returns.


    TPL Attorney Tracking

    GO-SB has the right solutions to cover your bases and maximize your hospital’s MVA revenue without upsetting the delicate balance of AR days.


    Contracted Payers

    GO-SB can handle this segment of the claims process to keep the claims from traveling back and forth between the hospital and GO-SB.


    Government Billing

    Our GO-SB VA team has the expertise to managing the billing and collections for this difficult segment.


    Historical Zero Balance Review

    Contract with GO-SB to run a rebilling project for all of your past MVA claims, regardless of past payments, and we will take on 100% of the work at no charge at all!


    LOP's & BI Liens

    Go-SB's individualized solutions can maximize your hospital's revenue in the complicated area LOP & BI Lien billing and collection.


Why Choose GOSB?

We are powered by our deep knowledge of the industry. We also developed a proprietary software system to manage the full spectrum of specialized claims. We have highly trained and specialized case managers who are fluent in specialized claims management. They use our proprietary claims system which not only tracks and work flows the claim but also acts as a communication tool for our clients so they can follow our progress using customized reports.

Bill Effectively and Collect Aggressively

We have attorneys on staff who work in the PIP and WC systems, statewide, every day. Unless you are tracking the county court PIP claims actions, it is impossible to keep up with the changes in the legal world. Attorneys also smooth the investigation process. When a patient who won’t cooperate with a claim rep on setting up PIP or WC claims, once our attorney calls, like magic, the patient listens to the attorney, and gives us the information we need. Everyone is happy and the hospital gets paid!


    FREE Historical Review


    Complex Claim Billing


    Complex Claim Collection