Worker's Compensation

Day Zero Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation billing and collections are one of the most difficult area for hospitals to impact. 

Many of these claims are large and they are often disputed by the employee/payor.  Sometimes they are resolved with a third party payor and no payment is made to the hospital!   In smaller claims the employer will resist informing their workers compensation carrier and will try and force the employee to pay the bill themselves or force the hospital to use the employee’s contracted payor (health insurance).  This is simply wrong.  It is realistic to believe the hospital can force the workers compensation carrier and the employer to pay the hospital’s bill at the full value under the State’s compensation scheme.  So few medical providers are willing to take the steps necessary to maximize the payment of workers’ compensation benefits and then continue on to force the payment of penalties and interest when claims are paid untimely.

GO-SB does EXACTLY that for your hospital. 

We can help your hospital maximize each and every workers’ compensation claim.  Simply outsource the entirety of your workers’ compensation claims to GO-SB from the moment they walk into your ER.  We handle it all.  Give us the demographic information and we are ready to jump into the process from the moment you need our help.  We can take the claims at day zero or day 90, but you will lighten your load, maximize your reimbursements, and decrease your costs by giving us this segment early in the process.

  • Let us obtain the necessary paperwork to submit a clean claim.
  • Let us follow up to confirm receipt.
  • Let us dispute any claims that are denied or controverted.

We have attorneys on staff who will represent your hospital.  We will make the necessary administrative and legal based claims and we will make sure payment is received!

We will also pursue penalties and interest whenever appropriate.

We also provide training to hospital staff for non-emergency claims.

Don’t continue to ignore this hole in your financial bucket.  We can fill up that bucket with dollars and take the worry off your head.