TPL Attorney Tracking

In many MVA claims the PIP or Med Pay insurance does not cover the entirety of the medical costs. In some instances the contracted payors or government payors either won’t pay or do not exist to pay.  In those cases what is a hospital supposed to do to get paid?  There are only a few choices remaining. The first is to drop the claim into the SELF PAY bucket and essentially write it off.  But there is a better alternative.  You can obtain a LOP.  This is the final piece of the MVA puzzle! But dealing with third party liens is not easy!

Let’s first understand what a Bodily Injury lien (BI Liens) or a Letter of Protection (LOP) actually is in concept.  This document is the agreement between the patient and the hospital to pay the hospital’s bill at the end of the patient’s personal injury case.  In many MVA cases the injured person is the patient of the hospital but is also a Plaintiff in a personal injury claim against a defendant driver.  When that happens in most cases there will be a settlement paid to the hospital’s patient.  Part of that settlement will include funds which are supposed to be paid to the hospital.  That doesn’t often actually happen if the hospital is counting on the good nature of their patient or the patient’s attorney!  You shouldn’t leave payment of your bill up to someone conscience!  Your hospital should be using either a properly filed and perfected hospital lien (if your jurisdiction permits such a lien!) OR you can enter into a contract with your patient to order their attorney to pay your hospital bill at the conclusion of the personal injury case and out of the proceeds from the personal injury settlement.  This is not rocket science.  But it does take a lot of time and persistence to make it happen.  It also takes an system of follow ups to make the revenue come to fruition!

In other cases, the patient was in an accident but now need additional treatment. Their auto insurance (PIP and/or Med Pay) is fully exhausted but they want to get a surgery. How does that happen?  There are a few methods for the hospital to make sure they get paid.  First they can accept a LOP on the case.  This means they take a contract with the patient and their attorney promising to pay from the personal injury settlement proceeds.  If your hospital is accepting LOPs from the community of personal injury attorneys then you will need to have someone dedicated to following up on those outstanding balances.

Further, you are going to need a system to stop the outstanding balances from causing your AR Days to go out of site. GO-SB has the right solutions to cover your bases and maximize your hospital’s MVA revenue without upsetting the delicate balance of AR days.