Historical Zero Balance Review

How do we handle the extreme skeptic?

How do we prove our value?

GO-SB has developed the risk free Zero Balance Review! Here is how it works:

Your hospital has billed and handled MVA claims for over 5 years.

Your hospital has attempted to capture and maximize the funds available for MVA related claims.

Simply contract with GO-SB to run a “re-billing project” for your past 5 years of zero balance MVA claims, regardless of any past payments. We will handle 100% of the work at NO CHARGE!  We will work those 5 year old accounts until the MVA carrier pay your hospital every available dollar.

We GUARANTEE we will find your hospital money – regardless of any other collection or law firm work on these accounts.  This is not a project for recoupments. This is not a project that needs to get one dollar from a patient. This is 100% against MVA insurance carriers!  It is the process of sweeping up uncollected money your hospital deserves but was not paid when you first billed these accounts.  The reason the extra money is outstanding is because between you final bill and now the law changed and opened up additional dollars. The MVA carriers did not tell you about the extra dollars and your billing staff isn’t connected to MVA Attorney’s who know these extra dollars are available.  Our ProWeb proprietary software knows exactly what is now available for payment by the PIP carriers.

We have never lost this guarantee!

We have made 100% of our clients money with no upfront costs or fees.

We force the MVA carriers to pay interest, penalty and postage back to GO-SB for our collection effort.

It is crazy NOT to TRY the MVA Zero Balance Historical Review.  We are sure it will bring in immediate dollars.  Our fastest dollar turned was just 4 days after getting the data from our clients.

There is no reason to wait.  Call us today or fill out our free review and estimate of value questionnaire.